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Μέλι- Προϊόντα κυψέλης
Το μέλι ως βασικό μας προϊόν, είναι 100% ανεπεξέργαστο και δεν υπόκειται σε καμία προσθήκη συντηρητικών, χρωμάτων ή αρωμάτων. Επίσης, το μέλι δεν περνάει από διαδικασία θέρμανσης, με αποτέλεσμα να μη χάνονται οι ιδιότητες και οι θρεπτικές του ουσίες. Η γύρη, ο βασιλικός πολτός και η πρόπολη, συλλέγονται, καθαρίζονται και στην συνέχεια συσκευάζονται και αποθηκεύονται σε βαθιά κατάψυξη.

One of the most famous products of Passion Honey that has won both young and “older children” because it can be consumed “in great quantities” during all day, reminding us of our childhood.
Ingredients: Organic hazelnut paste, (+60%) organic honey from Halkidiki highlands, excellent quality cocoa.No preservatives or sugar added, not sweetened, gluten free, does not contain dairy products, no added oils or fats. Ideal for children and athlets.

Organic honey
– Our basic varieties are fir, flower forest honey, oak, chestnut tree, autumn heather , arbutus, pine.
– It is 100% untreated and is not subject to any addition of preservatives, colors or fragrances
– Also, honey does not go through heating, avoiding the loss of properties and nutrients.

Organic honey with nuts/ superfoods/mixed breakfast/cocoa
In all varieties we are using organic honey and excellent quality nuts & superfoods (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, cranberries godji berries, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cocoa.

According to established scientific data, beepollen contains valuable nutrients that offer strength and nourishment. It is the richest natural food in proteins, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, fats, minerals, trace elements, growth factors, hormones, enzymes, and other essential ingredients.

Royal jelly
One of the most important and well-known products produced by bees is royal jelly. It is a substance, rich in nutritional properties, strongly acidic and with a subtle taste. The royal jelly was named after the famous Swiss zoologist Frannois Huber in 1788 and is characterized by a creamy texture and a special odor.

Its composition is mostly water (67%), while it contains a good percentage of 15,5% proteins and 12,5% sugars. Rich in vitamins, such as B3, B2, B6, B1 and naturally contains pantothenic and folic acid amounts.

Tincture (alcohol) of propolis or the unique oil of propolis.
Propolis is a substance well known for its healing properties since ancient times. Known as “black candle”, many people used propolis as a medicine, due to its anti-inflammatory action. The use of propolis is not quite different today, as it is used as a medicine or as an ingredient in other formulations.

OXYMELI / vinegar honey
Organic honey and organic grape vinegar.
Oximeli is one of the main beverages that Hippocrates medicine allows and recommends for acidic diseases. It is expectorant and facilitates breathing. As a food, it is ideal for cooking, as a drink at any time of the day but mainly for dessert. Accompanies tastefully sweets and ice cream.

Beeswax creams
• Moisturizing / after sun
• Anti-wrinkle
• Bleaching
• Soothing
• Healing
• Treatment of muscular aches
• Rectanal aid cream
• Baby Cream
• Cream for stretch marks
• Tightening cream
• Sun protection




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